Steep ticket prices limit reach of major films in small towns

While the Indian film industry is showing signs of recovery, high ticket prices in multiplexes, particularly for big-budget releases such as Jawan, are a point of concern given the possible impact on the movies’ earnings, especially in small towns of north India. Unlike south India, where ticket prices are capped, no such restriction exists in … Read more

PVR and Inox decide to join forces. Announce merger.

In a surprise announcement, the two major cinema brands in India have decided to merge together. (It’s important to note here that until recently, it was rumoured that PVR and and Inox are in talks with the Mexican company Cinepolis for a possible merger.) Key points on the PVR-Inox merger It’s a share swap merger … Read more

Amicable family settlement happens at the Inox group

Currently Inox group is run by the 3rd generation of promoters – Brothers Pavan Jain (70) and Vivek Jain (66). Brothers have reached an amicable family settlement. Pavan Jain gets the control of – Inox Leisure – listed, movie theater business Inox Air Products – unlisted, industrial and medical gases manufacturer Inox India – unlisted, … Read more