India government restricts import of laptop, computers, tablets

On Thursday, the Indian government issued a notice imposing immediate restrictions on the import of laptops, tablets, and personal computers. “Their import would be allowed against a valid licence for restricted imports,” said the notice issued by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Department of Commerce, Government of India. As per the notice issued by … Read more

Foxconn: Foxconn to apply for India chipmaking incentives after pullout from Vedanta JV

A day after it withdrew from a $19.5 billion semiconductor joint venture with mining baron Anil Agarwal’s Vedanta Ltd, Foxconn said it plans to apply for incentives that India is offering under its semiconductor manufacturing policy. “Foxconn is committed to India and sees the country successfully establishing a robust semiconductor manufacturing ecosystem. Foxconn is working … Read more

Samsung to continue with chip investment, undeterred by 8-year-low profit

South Korea’s Samsung Electronics Co on Tuesday indicated it has no plan to cut investment in chips this year, even as a weak global economy condemns the industry to its worst downturn in over a decade. The guidance bucks a broader industry trend to scale back spending and output, fanning concern that the world’s biggest … Read more

Historic crash for memory chips threatens to wipe out earnings

Now consumers and businesses are holding off on big purchases as they cope with inflation and rising interest rates. This time was supposed to be different. The memory-chip sector, famous for its boom-and-bust cycles, had changed its ways. A combination of more disciplined management and new markets for its products — including 5G technology and … Read more