China’s supply chain gets hit after US ban on imports from Xinjiang

After finding out that the Chinese products are produced with forced labour, the US imposed a ban on Xinjiang imports, which hit China’s supply chain. In 2021, the Uyghur Forced Labour Prevention Act (UFLPA) was signed into law, under which the US government assumes that anything made even partially, in the Chinese manufacturing hub of … Read more

Expect a Lost Decade With 0% Returns Through 2031

Investing in stocks over the next decade is going to get tough for those that simply buy and hold. That’s according to Stifel’s chief equity strategist, Barry Bannister, who foresees a lost decade for stocks. Here’s how investors should prepare for the potential of 0% returns in the US stock market through 2031, according to … Read more

It’s China vs. Walmart, latest Western brand entangled in human rights dispute

Beijing has attacked the retailer over Xinjiang, after similar moves against Intel, Adidas and H&M A New Year’s Eve salvo from Beijing accusing Walmart Inc. of “stupidity and shortsightedness” has driven home a stark challenge for Western businesses in one of their most promising markets: As governments ratchet up accusations of human-rights violations in China, … Read more