What is Wi-Fi 6E, how will Wi-Fi 6E help you get faster internet and more

You must be already familiar with WiFi 6. Now, there’s a new Wi-Fi standard called Wi-Fi 6E. Announced by the Wi-Fi Alliance in 2020, the new Wi-Fi 6E standard will soon become mainstream by 2022 with smartphone brands including Apple, router OEMs and other network equipment makers adopting the new technology. While you can expect … Read more

In-flight WiFi – may not be very far off !

Air travel and glitch-free internet access are often considered mutually exclusive, thanks to the technical difficulties associated with making WiFi work at 40,000 feet. For the airlines, a satisfying online experience is even more elusive. The hardware, software, maintenance and inability to easily switch service providers combine for a very expensive headache. But there may … Read more