About inves4

We do not advise but provide the most simple, sharp, transparent and to the point Indian equity analysis to help you make investment decisions !

inves4 is an effort targeted towards providing the most relevant research and analysis to our readers in the field of stock markets, financial analysis and financial planning. We do sometimes venture into other areas but very selectively and only when we believe that the subject matter is of wider importance to our audience and they are not being able to get a reliable analysis easily.

What is the need of inves4?
In today’s technologically enabled world, there is too much information available though mostly irrelevant and non-transparent. Most of the time it’s more of screen-time and less of mind-time. Our effort is to cut this clutter and only provide some of the most important, relevant, actionable and transparent information and analysis to our readers.
What is the methodology of inves4?
inves4 focuses on both independent research as well as research and opinions on the third party articles.  The latter becomes equally important to improve the effectiveness of those articles for our readers.
Who has founded inves4?
inves4 has been an effort of Nitin Jain, a finance professional with 20+ years of investing experience in Indian markets both on buy and sell side, equity and debt, private and public with some of the best organizations globally including Goldman Sachs, ICICI Group, ICRA and others. He is a All India Silver Medalist CA by qualification. He can be reached at nitin@inves4.com

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