Reid Hoffman Says He Will Keep ‘Beating the Positive Drum’ for AI

LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman said he will continue to be positive about the benefits he sees in AI. Hoffman is part of venture capital firm, Greylock Partners, which has invested in dozens of AI companies. He told the New York Times in a recent interview that concerns from other tech executives like Elon Musk are … Read more

Tesla Just Gave Away One of Its Biggest Advantages in EV Race

Tesla announced on Thursday that it plans to open some of its Supercharger network to Ford. Tesla has the largest network of roadside fast chargers in North America. Some Tesla owners say they’d consider buying another brand’s EV, if they had access to Supercharging. Tesla plans to open some of its exclusive Supercharger network to … Read more

Corporate family feuds and the critical role of independent directors

Indian capital markets have greatly evolved during the last two decades and have emerged on the world stage. To quote a few examples, there are over 6,800 listed companies with a combined market capitalisation exceeding $2.6 trillion, according to a World Bank report. Add to this more than a hundred unicorns and private enterprises seeking … Read more

Tech Stocks Are ‘the Only Game in Town’ As They Beat the S&P 500

Tech stocks are the one bright spot in the market, DataTrek’s Nicholas Colas said. Tech names in the S&P 500 have beat the overall index this year, gaining 27% since January. “Big Tech is essentially the only game in town at the moment,” Colas said in a note. Big tech stocks are the one bright … Read more

Top Tesla Investor on Why It’s a Must-Buy Stock

Tesla investor Ross Gerber told Insider why he’s grown more bullish on the stock. Tesla’s move into advertising and the new Twitter CEO bode well for shareholders, he said. “You gotta own Tesla in your portfolio with Elon re-focused,” Gerber said. Ross Gerber has never shied away from giving an honest take on Tesla or … Read more

Is AI a Bubble? BofA Thinks so, and Details What Could Burst It

AI is in a “baby bubble” for now, Bank of America said Friday. What could burst the bubble is the Fed pausing rate hikes and then restarting the cycle. BofA said the dot-com blow-up in the early 2000s had roots in the Fed restarting policy tightening in 1999. Artificial intelligence is this year’s investment craze … Read more