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In recent times all of us have been reading about Government of India’s increasing push to mix Ethanol with Petrol. Yesterday, Hon’ble PM rolled out 20% ethanol-blended petrol in 11 ... Read more
Since Thyrocare disrupted the market, most of us have been asking this question, Our doctors have warned us that blood tests can not be done at such low costs, there ... Read more
We came across the news that in the recently concluded Hockey World Cup in India, the visitors were served drinking water made from the air. Given that the world is ... Read more
Given the increasing talks around environment and it’s decarbonisation, one is bound to see this term frequently – Virtual Power Plants (VPP). Recently Companies including GM, Ford and Google have ... Read more
Recently there have been lot of talks around this topic, especially due to China’s significant control over lithium supply/  processing. For the starters, Sodium-ion based battery technology is actually older ... Read more
Anyone who looks at car sales number in the US, is bound to ask this question. Out of total global annual sales of approx 86 mn units, US alone accounts ... Read more