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Given the increasing talks around environment and it’s decarbonisation, one is bound to see this term frequently – Virtual Power Plants (VPP). Recently Companies including GM, Ford and Google have ... Read more
Recently there have been lot of talks around this topic, especially due to China’s significant control over lithium supply/  processing. For the starters, Sodium-ion based battery technology is actually older ... Read more
Anyone who looks at car sales number in the US, is bound to ask this question. Out of total global annual sales of approx 86 mn units, US alone accounts ... Read more
When it comes to Electric Vehicles (EVs), lithium is the undisputed king. Given the current focus on environment and hence a race towards EV adoption, everyone is trying to work ... Read more
Hydrogen has been touted as a strong greener alternative for future. In recent times, both Ambani and Adani have provided visions around Green Hydrogen. Given so much talks around the ... Read more