Water from Air; key dynamics explained

We came across the news that in the recently concluded Hockey World Cup in India, the visitors were served drinking water made from the air.

Given that the world is always short of drinking water, we became curious about the subject and tried to research more into the underlying technology, and whether this is the solution for the future.

  • According to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 2 billion people live in water-stressed countries, and that number is expected to increase in some regions because of the climate change and the population growth.
  • The atmosphere that we breathe has more than 2 million times enough water to provide the world’s entire population.

Given the abundance of water in the atmosphere, why can’t we just pull it out and solve water problem for humanity once and for all.

We tried to explore this and came across couple of good articles on the subject.

Key points covered –

  • Why can’t water be created by simple chemical process of combining Hydrogen and Oxygen atoms?
  • What are the current technologies to create water from air?
  • Isn’t cloud seeding the proven solution?
  • What about hydropanels? Were they not recently presented as the viable solution?

Checkout the following for the answers.

  1. Can We Manufacture Water Out of Thin Air?
  2. Can hydropanels bring water to parched communities?
  3. At hockey World Cup, visitors are drinking water made from air
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