Toyota claims nearing Solid-state batteries breakthrough

Solid-state batteries have long been touted by industry experts as a potential “game-changer” to enable mass adoption of Electric Vehicles (EVs). It’s supposed to be the final answer to the current EV battery concerns around charging time, mileage/ range and the risk of fire. Many major automakers – with the exception of Tesla have disclosed … Read more

Can Sodium be an alternative to Lithium?

Recently there have been lot of talks around this topic, especially due to China’s significant control over lithium supply/  processing. For the starters, Sodium-ion based battery technology is actually older than Lithium-ion based; 1980s vs 1990s. However, the latter got more prominence and quicker adaptation due to inherent disadvantages of Sodium; lower density, lesser durability, … Read more

Lithium mining and processing. Current world dynamics and how that may change.

When it comes to Electric Vehicles (EVs), lithium is the undisputed king. Given the current focus on environment and hence a race towards EV adoption, everyone is trying to work towards controlling this precious metal. Currently, Chile and Australia  control more than 3/4th of the total raw lithium supply. However, it’s processing into battery grade … Read more

Hydrogen as a clean fuel of the future?

Hydrogen has been touted as a strong greener alternative for future. In recent times, both Ambani and Adani have provided visions around Green Hydrogen. Given so much talks around the subject, we tried researching on some basics; and came across a solid well presented and easy to understand write-up. Key points covered in the article: … Read more