SEBI demands BSE to pay proper regulatory fee with interest

Stock exchanges have to pay a regulatory fee to SEBI based on every financial year’s annual turnover. In this regards, SEBI has issued the following order to BSE – Since introduction of derivative contracts, BSE has been calculating turnover wrongly in case of the option contracts. It’s calculating turnover considering premium value of options contracts … Read more

BSE takes steps to try increase market share

BSE has long been struggling against NSE, which has a dominant market share. In derivatives, BSE’s Average Daily Turnover (ADT) in FY 23 was Rs 1.38 trillion as against Rs 153.5 trillion of NSE i.e., 9% market share In cash market, BSE’s ADT during FY 23 was Rs 4,132 cr vs Rs 53,434 cr at … Read more

Who is the faceless ‘yogi’ in NSE story? Sebi report only thickens the plot

Who is the faceless ‘yogi’ in the bizarre story of the National Stock Exchange (NSE) and its flawed, vulnerable former CEO? The 190-page report by the capital market regulator Sebi only thickens the plot, arousing curiosity and leaving the social media speculating the possible identity of the mysterious ‘siddha purusha’. The exchange as well as … Read more

BSE readies to launch Electronic Gold Receipts to enable spot gold trade

Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) is seeking regulatory approval to launch Electronic Gold Receipts (EGR) on it’s platform. Key points to note – EGR is consequent to announcement regarding spot gold exchange in this year’s budget. EGR would enable spot investing/ trading in gold that is allowed in many other countries. In India, presently one can … Read more

Record surge in corporates setting up shops at IFSC, GIFT City

International Financial Service Centre (IFSC), a global special economic zone at GIFT City Gujarat, has seen a record surge in the number of corporates eager to do business in the region that offers competitive incentives. It has added as much as 37 business units since October in several segments covering the capital market which includes … Read more

Caishen.Co Launches Real-Time Chinese Stock Market Data Monitoring Platform Powered By A.I.

Leading primary investment news and data platform China Money Network ( today unveiled its sister service Caishen.Co (www.Caishen.Co) to provide critical information about China’s secondary investment markets. Caishen.Co monitors real-time data for over 4600 companies listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange and the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. The platform then organizes more than 32000 monthly market … Read more