Google CEO Pichai nears billionaire status

Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai is on the cusp of achieving a rare milestone for a non-founder tech executive: a 10-figure fortune. Since Pichai, 51, became CEO of Google in 2015, the stock has surged more than 400%, significantly outperforming the S& and Nasdaq over the same period. It hit a fresh record on Friday after … Read more

Jio Brain: Integrating AI into Telecom Network – Jio Platforms |

Jio Platforms, a subsidiary of Reliance Industries that helps operators to evolve to new 5G capabilities, has created an AI platform, Jio Brain, that integrates machine learning (ML) capabilities in a telecom operator’s network, enterprise network, or any industry-specific IT environment without the need for an exhaustive network/IT transformation. According to a LinkedIn post by … Read more

OpenAI board opens talks for possible return of former CEO Sam Altman

In an interesting development, Sam Altman and OpenAI‘s board have opened discussions to bring back the former CEO of the artificial intelligence startup, Bloomberg News reported. The future of OpenAI was thrown into jeopardy after more than 700 of its 770 employees signed a letter on Monday saying they may leave the company for Microsoft … Read more

Who is Mira Murati, the new CEO of OpenAI

Mira Murati is the new interim CEO and CTO of OpenAI, a research organization that aims to create and ensure the safe and beneficial use of artificial intelligence. She is also one of the leading developers of ChatGPT, a conversational chatbot that can generate realistic and engaging texts on various topics. Murati was born in … Read more