Nvidia’s Upcoming Earnings Could Swing the Whole Stock Market Higher

Nividia reports earnings next week, and the chipmaker’s results alone could swing the stock market. That’s according to Deepwater’s Gene Munster, who cited Wall Street’s frenzy over artificial intelligence. “All eyes are on their data center number,” he told CNBC. Nvidia’s earnings report next week could swing the overall stock market higher as Wall Street … Read more

AI Can Outperform LPs at Picking Top Private Equity Funds, Study Finds

AI can pick private equity firms to back better than many investors, per an Oxford study. Researchers trained AI to read 400 prospectuses to predict the top-performing funds. However, lead researcher Ludovic Phalippou believes it should still only be used as a sounding board. Artificial intelligence can pick out top-performing private equity (PE) funds better than … Read more

Amazon Is Testing an AI-Generated Product Review Feature

E-commerce giant Amazon has started testing the use of AI to summarize product reviews. Amazon seems to be doing a limited rollout of the feature that is appearing only in some listings. Such product review summaries could be useful in guiding customers toward newer reviews, per an Amazon marketing agency CTO.   AI has truly … Read more

Reid Hoffman Says He Will Keep ‘Beating the Positive Drum’ for AI

LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman said he will continue to be positive about the benefits he sees in AI. Hoffman is part of venture capital firm, Greylock Partners, which has invested in dozens of AI companies. He told the New York Times in a recent interview that concerns from other tech executives like Elon Musk are … Read more

Is AI a Bubble? BofA Thinks so, and Details What Could Burst It

AI is in a “baby bubble” for now, Bank of America said Friday. What could burst the bubble is the Fed pausing rate hikes and then restarting the cycle. BofA said the dot-com blow-up in the early 2000s had roots in the Fed restarting policy tightening in 1999. Artificial intelligence is this year’s investment craze … Read more

Cathie Wood Says Apple Could Be Disrupted by the Rise of ChatGPT Plugins

Apple could be disrupted by the rise of ChatGPT plugins, according to Ark Invest’s Cathie Wood. She made the comment as Apple’s $2.73 trillion market value eclipses the collective market cap of the Russell 2000. The only way to justify Apple’s current valuation is if its health care and payments bets succeed, Wood said. The … Read more

How AI technology fuelling rise in online voice scams

AI has already changed the game for cybercriminals. The barrier to entry has never been lower, which means it has never been easier to commit cybercrime. According to a research by McAfee’s upcoming report, ‘The Artificial Imposter’, reveals how AI technology is fuelling a rise in online voice scams. McAfee’s researchers discovered that they had … Read more

Musk Cut Off OpenAI’s Access to Twitter Data Over Payment: NYT

Musk reportedly felt the AI company was not paying enough for access, per the publication. He has been cautious about the tech for some time but is known to be working on his own AI project. Something is loading. Thanks for signing up! Access your favorite topics in a personalized feed while you’re on the … Read more

Apple now experimenting with language-generating AI in ChatGPT era

As AI chatbots rise, Apple is now reportedly experimenting with language-generating artificial intelligence (AI). The Cupertino-based tech giant recently held an internal event that focused on AI and large language models, reports The New York Times. Several teams including people working on Siri voice assistant are testing “language-generating concepts” regularly.   Siri, along with Alexa … Read more