AGR deferment has resuscitated the idea of a three-player market: Analysts

The government’s four-year breather to telecom companies from paying spectrum and adjusted gross revenue (AGR) has fired up the telecom stocks at the bourses in the past two trading sessions. While most brokerages have given a thumbs up to the development and suggest the provisions give some breathing space to Vodafone Idea (VI) – at … Read more

JioPhone Next expected launch on September 10, 2021. Will it change the game again?

Jio partnered with Google last year to develop an ultra-affordable Android-based smartphone to address the mass Indian market that couldn’t shift to smartphone ecosystem due to unaffordability. (It’s also important to mention here that Google had simultaneously invested $ 4.5 bn into Jio for a deeper commitment to the overall Indian digital story) The phone … Read more

Steve Jobs’ most magical feat took a decade to reveal itself

When Steve Jobs resigned as Apple CEO in August 2011, it marked the end of an epic 15-year burst of creative and commercial energy. Jobs’ successor, Tim Cook, was a skilled operator with no evidence of product vision. Even the most bullish Apple fans would not have imagined what’s happened since Cook took over. See … Read more

What is Wi-Fi 6E, how will Wi-Fi 6E help you get faster internet and more

You must be already familiar with WiFi 6. Now, there’s a new Wi-Fi standard called Wi-Fi 6E. Announced by the Wi-Fi Alliance in 2020, the new Wi-Fi 6E standard will soon become mainstream by 2022 with smartphone brands including Apple, router OEMs and other network equipment makers adopting the new technology. While you can expect … Read more