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Anyone who has something material to share about a Company and can help an investor to understand the Company better.

Anything that can help in understanding the Company better.

Examples – related to corporate governance, strengths/ weakness of Company’s products/ services, competitive positioning, financials related, strategic initiatives, customer friendliness, vendor relationships, your personal investment thesis on the Company etc etc etc

There are thousands of companies and tons of relevant information that can be helpful in making an informed investment decision.

It’s impossible for inves4 (or for anyone) to capture everything alone.

The more we share, the more we help each other’s way towards wealth while minimising the inherent risks. 

Please read this carefully. These rules are important to ensure that inves4 remains clean, relevant and systematic. We don’t want the portal to become a spamming machine. We would rather have lesser but highly relevant information instead of more but useless information.

– only submit something if you genuinely find it very relevant.

– keep it simple and as short as possible without losing the effectiveness of the shared information.

– use of abusive words is strictly not allowed.

– don’t share any sensational information without proper source/ proof. It will not be published and we will reject it.

– you can share analysis but no tips/ advice.

Once you submit the information, it will come to us for approval. We will only approve the relevant clean information.

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– Target Date of Achievement: sometimes companies make promises and no one bothers about them later on. e.g., we will double our retail stores in next 18 months. This is a field to keep a track on those promises/ predictions.

– Companies that information relates to*: information can relate to one or many companies. Separate name of companies with comma for our ease.

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