Bill Gates Says Self-Driving Cars Will Be As Revolutionary As the PC

Elon Musk and Bill Gates have butted heads over issues from climate change to artificial intelligence (if we’re being honest, it’s the Chief Twit that’s done most of the butting) — but the two tech billionaires may agree on one thing: the transformative potential of self-driving cars. The Microsoft cofounder dedicated his most recent blog … Read more

Experts rank Amazon’s self-driving unit, Tesla, Waymo, and 12 other power players in the world of autonomy

Though autonomous-vehicle companies are moving slowly toward making their technology available to the public, the industry’s top tier is steadily becoming entrenched, according to two analysts from the research and consulting firm Guidehouse Insights. Each year, Guidehouse ranks some of the biggest names working on automated-driving technology, evaluating each on criteria including technology, strategy, and … Read more