Hamara Bajaj: Business icon who always spoke his mind dies at 83

Rahul Bajaj, chairman emeritus of Bajaj Auto, who died in Pune on Saturday of cardiac and respiratory ailments at the age of 83, wasn’t known to mince words, or give up without a fight. In 1970-71, when licences and production capacities were tightly controlled by the government, he vigorously argued his company’s case for producing … Read more

We’re looking to onboard 20-25 mn wallets by March 2023: Bajaj Finance MD

Consumer financier Bajaj Finance, which launched its wallet business this July, is aiming to onboard 20-25 million wallets onto its fold by March 2023. The company is currently onboarding 800,000 to 1 million new wallets every month, managing director (MD) Rajeev Jain said. Addressing an analyst call organised by Morgan Stanley, Jain said, “We are … Read more

Electric Vehicles – need a jump start !

Government goes slow on procurement of electric vehicles, limits sourcing —- When I saw this news today, it suddenly reminded me of the numerous arguments that I had on the subject of electric vehicles (EV) with some of my closest friends over the last one year. Thought of putting up a quick post so that … Read more