Deposit refunds by casinos, online gaming sites taxable

The finance ministry on Wednesday notified the way deposits made to online gaming platforms and casinos will be treated for tax purposes, clarifying that refunds made to the player will not get any relief on tax. The changes are introduced by amending CGST rules 2017, by way of CGST (Third Amendment) Rules, 2023, which are … Read more

28% GST on e-gaming, casinos is here to stay

Ruling out any change in the proposed 28% GST on online gaming and casinos, government sources said it is prudent to stick to levying tax on the gross value as any other method comes with complications in businesses that lack transparency. The gaming industry has been seeking a review of last month’s GST Council decision, … Read more

Netflix Sets Sights on Video Games for Next Chapter As Growth Slows

Netflix launched its video game streaming service in November 2021, investing in mobile app games. The streaming giant has since purchased multiple development studios and increased gaming-focused staff. The pivot to interactive streaming comes as Netflix’s growth has slowed to single digits. As Netflix chases younger audiences and grapples with keeping its current subscribers content, … Read more