Deposit refunds by casinos, online gaming sites taxable

The finance ministry on Wednesday notified the way deposits made to online gaming platforms and casinos will be treated for tax purposes, clarifying that refunds made to the player will not get any relief on tax. The changes are introduced by amending CGST rules 2017, by way of CGST (Third Amendment) Rules, 2023, which are … Read more

Federation to challenge the ban on online gaming

Taking action against the Tamil Nadu government’s ban on online gaming, the E-gaming Federation (EGF) is set to challenge the new law citing that it categorizes rummy and poker as games of chance. In a statement, Sameer Barde, CEO of EGF, said: “After examining the Ordinance, we have decided to file a lawsuit as it categorises … Read more

I&B ministry prohibits online betting ads and surrogates on TV, digital platform

The ministry of information and broadcasting issued two advisories, for private television channels and digital news publishers and OTT platforms on Monday, asking them to refrain from showing advertisements, including surrogate ads, of online betting sites, calling them a significant financial and socio-economic risk for consumers. The ministry has said that online offshore betting platforms … Read more