Startups help malls, eateries put safety first on reopening

Shopping in your favourite mall may feel different in the post-covid world. On reaching, you could be asked to scan a QR code on an app, verified through a one-time password, allowing the mall to track your movements. An online tracking system could also inform you to leave a particular store depending on the number … Read more

Franchisees of iconic American chains are ‘hemorrhaging’ sales, as operators of IHOP, Pizza Hut, and more file for bankruptcy

Franchisees for Pizza Hut, IHOP, and Subway have already filed for bankruptcy. McDonald’s internally warned franchisees that they may have to downsize or sell locations. “Every franchisee is a small business, and they had to close up, and they’re sucking wind,” said restaurant industry investor Roger Lipton. “They’re hemorrhaging.” Visit Business Insider’s homepage for more … Read more