Expect a Lost Decade With 0% Returns Through 2031

Investing in stocks over the next decade is going to get tough for those that simply buy and hold. That’s according to Stifel’s chief equity strategist, Barry Bannister, who foresees a lost decade for stocks. Here’s how investors should prepare for the potential of 0% returns in the US stock market through 2031, according to … Read more

How to Invest As the Russia-Ukraine Conflict Worsens: UBS

Stocks have been hard-hit by fears about the Russia-Ukraine war, high inflation, and rising rates. UBS investment chiefs Solita Marcelli and Mark Haefele outlined their firm’s new investing outlook. Here are the four sectors investors should target now with volatility on the upswing. A troublesome trio of risks has rattled stocks so far in 2022: … Read more

Stock Market Short-Sellers Could Be Hit With Racketeering Law: Report

The Department of Justice is exploring if they can charge stock market short-sellers with the same law used to prosecute the mafia, according to a Reuters report. Several short-selling research firms have been on the DOJ’s radar as they investigate illegal trading tactics. Subpoenas have been sent to dozens of firms, including Citron Research and … Read more