Kubota decides to buy fresh into Escorts. Promoters stay back.

There was a rumour few months back that Kubota will buyout Nanda family. What has instead happened is that Kubota has decided to invest fresh and become a joint promoter with Nandas. Key points to note – Kubota is investing Rs 1,873 crore into Escorts at a price of Rs 2,000/ share. As per regulations, … Read more

Acrysil India predicts to reach Rs 1000 crore revenues

Chirag Parekh, CMD has predicted that the Company will achieve revenues of Rs 1,000 crore in the next three years. Key points to note – Trailing twelve months revenues of the Company were Rs 405 crore. Given the Covid disruption and subsequent revival of the Indian real estate sector as well as overall revival in … Read more