Tesla autopilot probed after 20 crashes in months since recall

The top US auto-safety regulator is again investigating Tesla Inc.’s Autopilot, this time over whether a fix deployed months ago did enough to stop people from misusing the system. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration disclosed Friday that it’s opened a query into the Autopilot recall Tesla conducted in December. The agency is concerned as … Read more

Tesla’s Self-Driving Software Is a Perpetual Revenue Letdown

The chasm between what Elon Musk says about commercializing self-driving technology and what Tesla Inc. says later in regulatory filings has never been wider. On Wednesday, Tesla released its 10-Q, a quarterly report that provides a more detailed view into the company’s financial position. For several years running, Tesla has provided regular updates in these … Read more

Tesla Just Gave Away One of Its Biggest Advantages in EV Race

Tesla announced on Thursday that it plans to open some of its Supercharger network to Ford. Tesla has the largest network of roadside fast chargers in North America. Some Tesla owners say they’d consider buying another brand’s EV, if they had access to Supercharging. Tesla plans to open some of its exclusive Supercharger network to … Read more

Top Tesla Investor on Why It’s a Must-Buy Stock

Tesla investor Ross Gerber told Insider why he’s grown more bullish on the stock. Tesla’s move into advertising and the new Twitter CEO bode well for shareholders, he said. “You gotta own Tesla in your portfolio with Elon re-focused,” Gerber said. Ross Gerber has never shied away from giving an honest take on Tesla or … Read more

Why Elon Musk Keeps Changing the Prices on Tesla Vehicles

Experts say there is a method to Elon’s madness on pricing changes. The latest price hikes could mean Tesla is done lathering on the discounts for now. Tesla has more flexibility to change prices in real time than its competitors. Elon Musk is changing his mind about Tesla pricing – again. Tesla shoppers, investors, and … Read more