Frequent run-ins with India govt cloud U.S. tech expansion plans

Another spat between India’s government and U.S. big tech has exacerbated disillusion among firms which have spent billions to build hubs in their largest growth market, to the extent some are rethinking expansion plans, people close to the matter said. The government on Saturday said Twitter Inc had not indicated compliance with new rules aimed … Read more

EU wants more from Big Tech against disinformation

It was signed by Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft and in June 2020 by TikTok, as well as players in the advertising sector. The EU on Wednesday tasked tech giants such as Facebook, YouTube and TikTok to do more against disinformation and provide much better access to their algorithms as well as beef up fact-checking. The … Read more

Twitter is thinking of subscription model, but is it worth your tweet?

In its latest earnings call, Twitter Inc. announced that it was building a subscription-based service. But it revealed little else. So we asked Bloomberg Opinion’s columnists to come up with some ideas that could actually work. Here’s what they said. A Twitter subscription model faces an interesting test as parts of the media and entertainment … Read more