UK to keep industry competitive, cut surcharge on bank profits to 3%

Chancellor of the Exchequer Jeremy Hunt plans to cut a surcharge on UK bank profits, effectively shielding them from the bulk of an increase in the country’s corporate tax rate as the government tries to preserve the competitiveness of Britain’s finance industry. What to expect in UK Chancellor’s plan to fix fiscal hole UK banks … Read more

A JPMorgan portfolio manager overseeing a $2 billion fund lays out 4 areas of opportunity and 9 stock picks in an ‘unloved’ and incredibly cheap UK market that’s set to soar

Top investment banks from Citi, to Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan are incredibly bullish on the UK market. A JPMorgan fund manager who co-runs the firm’s flagship $2 billion UK fund helps investors navigate the market. He shares why the UK looks attractive and outlines what sectors boast good opportunities and what stocks to watch. See … Read more