America’s Growing Debt Mountain in 5 Charts

There’s a storm of private and public debt troubles that’s headed for the market. Warning signs have sprung up in rising credit card balances, delinquencies, and other indicators. Here are the signs that the US is dealing with troubles stemming from its mountain of debt. A storm of public and private debt is brewing in … Read more

Janet Yellen warns US default could trigger recession, ‘break’ financial markets

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen on Tuesday warned that a U.S. default on government debt would leave millions of Americans without income payments, potentially triggering a recession that destroys many American jobs and businesses. Yellen told a gathering of community bankers that the unprecedented economic and financial crisis would be exacerbated by possible disruptions to the … Read more

US hits debt ceiling as partisan standoff sparks economic worries

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen informed congressional leaders including House Speaker Kevin McCarthy that her department had begun using extraordinary cash management measures that could stave off default until June 5. Republicans, with a newly won House majority, aim to use the time until the Treasury’s emergency maneuvers are exhausted to exact spending cuts from Biden … Read more