Amara Raja MD Galla shuns politics to focus on business

Jayadev Galla, Chief of Amara Raja Batteries has been a two-time Member of Parliament for the Telugu Desam Party (TDP).

He has announced taking a break from electoral politics to focus on business “without fear of reprisals and attacks”.

“It is with a heavy heart that I announce my decision to not contest in the upcoming 2024 general elections. I will be taking a break from politics to focus on diversifying the business which is at a crucial stage of leading the world in the transition to a more sustainable future,” said Galla

“In the developed world, business people are encouraged to be part of the political administration as they can play an important part in helping people take charge of their economic destinies. Unfortunately, in our context, this means constant fear of reprisals and vendettas. To start and run a business, one has to get more than 70 approvals from various local, state and central agencies which include Pollution Control Board, Water Department, Forests Department, Electricity Board, Labour, Revenue, Fire and many others. Each of these agencies can be weaponized by the party in power,” he further added.

This decision of his will surely come as a respite for analysts and investors like me. His political interests have been a major overhang on an otherwise strong business franchise.

Personally though, I didn’t like his above parting comments. It somewhere makes me feel his exit against his intentions – and if that’s the case he may continue to exert his influences from outside that may again be detrimental to the business prospects.

I will keep it under watch.

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