Amicable family settlement happens at the Inox group

Currently Inox group is run by the 3rd generation of promoters – Brothers Pavan Jain (70) and Vivek Jain (66).

Brothers have reached an amicable family settlement.

Pavan Jain gets the control of –

  • Inox Leisure – listed, movie theater business
  • Inox Air Products – unlisted, industrial and medical gases manufacturer
  • Inox India – unlisted, cryogenic liquid storage and transport tanks manufacturer

Vivek Jain gets the control of –

  • Gujarat Fluorochemicals – listed, specialty chemicals
  • Inox Wind – listed, wind energy
  • Inox Wind Energy – listed

Shareholding obviously is different given the respective sizes of the Company and there are some small cross holdings also.

However, that does not matter much. What matters is the amicable division, clear focus of both families and hence clarity for all the stakeholders.

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