Emami launches German skincare brand Creme 21 in India

Originally founded by Henkel in the 1970s, Creme 21 was acquired by a German businesswoman Antje J Willems Stickel in 2003, and then by Emami in January 2019.

Key points to note –

  • Emami had acquired Creme 21 for about Rs 100 crore. This is peanuts compared with what newer beauty brands are getting valued in India currently.
  • At the time Emami acquired the brand, over 80% of the brand’s business came from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region and the balance from Germany and other countries. Emami expanded to more geographies including  Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, parts of Africa and Iraq.
  • For now, Emami is starting with Creme 21 skin creams and lotions in India. It plans to expand the offering to new categories in the future.
  • Emami has also confirmed that All Creme 21 products will continue to be manufactured in Germany.

Launch of an international skin care brand into India could not have been at a better time. Explosion of ecommerce is funnelling a rapid increase of newer home grown brands – many of which are growing despite poor product quality.

Creme 21, an international proven brand should therefore do very well.

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