Finally Raymond promises to professionalise the management

Target Date - November 30, 2022

Whether you call it self realisation or market compulsions, Gautam Singhania (Chairman) announces what market wanted to hear –

  • Raymond group will be reorganised in five core focus areas – textile, fmcg, real estate, education and engineering.
  • All businesses will be managed by boards that will be made completely professional in the next 12 months.
  • Individual businesses may raise external private equity or listed separately.

Raymond despite being a well known brand name across India, has been a significant under performer over the years. Look at the following long term chart

Current stock price is same as that was in 2006.

If I have to attribute one reason for Raymond’s under performance… it would be…. lack of any clear focus. It has been primarily promoter driven who has always seemed to be more focused on his personal life.

Now, the intention to professionalise is a step in the right direction. Whether, it would actually happen and whether the professionals would get the adequate flexibility to manage… only the time will tell !

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