JSW Energy separates Green and Grey businesses

In line with the ongoing industry trends, JSW Energy too separates it’s Green (Renewables) from Grey (Thermal) business into a separate 100% owned subsidiary – JSW Energy Neo.

Key Points to note:

  • The Company targets to reach a power generation capacity of 20GW by 2030 compared with 4.5GW currently.
  • Of the current capacity 30% is green and company targets to increase it to 85% by 2030.
  • Along with solar, wind and hydro based generation, JSW Energy Neo is also planning to diversify into energy storage as well as hydrogen.

Renewables is no doubt getting a big focus from almost every large corporate in India. A lot of this is due to the increasing climate change concerns and increasing investor interest in the segment globally. A lot of this interest is also a function of excess liquidity in the market.

One should adequately factor in the above risk related to liquidity, especially while investing into any business that is capital intensive.

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