Nazara wants Rs 100 crore revenue from real money gaming segment in FY 22

Target Date - March 31, 2022

Company classifies it’s business into four segments – eSports, Gamified Early Learning, Freemium Gaming and Real Money Gaming (RMG).

As of now about 80% of company’s business is accounted for by first two and RMG is insignificant at about 2-3%.

It’s a stated expectation of the Company that over years, it expects the business to diversify across all four segments.

However, till the last quarterly conference call on August 2, 2021 not much was spoken about RMG – it being a segment that has many regulatory headwinds especially in India.

However, a recent Madaras High Court Judgement on RMG is making companies like Nazara excited – the court struck down the February 2021 amendment to the Tamil Nadu Gaming Act that prohibited betting and wagering on all forms of online gaming.

Though the issue is far from over and States given the social impact and hence political implication would not let it happen so easily. However, the judgement has set the precedent and has given companies the much needed ammunition to keep pushing their case.

Boosted by the same, Nazara expects it’s revenue from RMG to grow from Rs 15 crore to Rs 100 crore in the current financial year itself !

On Friday (August 27, 2021), the company also announced the acquisition of OpenPlay Technologies for ₹186.4 crore, it’s second acquisition in the real-money and skill-based gaming space, after the 2019 purchase of Halaplay.

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