On the back of just announced telecom reforms, Sunil Mittal appeals peace from competition

Govt has just announced the much needed relief for the telecom sector. Click here for the key announcements

Telecom industry in general has been very appreciative of the announced measures. Sunil Bharti Mittal of Airtel in his usual style has been more expressive than the competition and has taken the opportunity to call for truce from other players especially Jio. To Vodafone he consider the reforms to be an opportunity to revive the Company.

Mittal said that he reached out to Vodafone’s Nick Read after the announcements and will also speak to Mukesh Ambani.

The whole effort by Mittal seems to be at stopping the price war and start increasing the tariffs to help everyone’s cause.

Though he vehemently denies any effort towards cartelisation, any tacit understanding amongst a three player industry to help increase the revenues would indirectly mean that.

In a way, it’s  good for everyone as higher revenues and profits would also mean investments towards improving the infrastructure and consequently the end customer experience – that has gone for a toss in the last few years !

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