Regulator acts on Spicejet’s continuous mid air snags

Since May of this year (i.e, in just 2 months), Spicejet has reported 9 mid air snags.

This is uncommon in Indian skies and deserved a closer look by the regulator – The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA).

DGCA has now acted and ordered Spicejet to operate only 50% of it’s flights that have been approved for the summer schedule. While issuing the order, DGCA said “incidents point to poor internal safety oversight and inadequate maintenance standards”.

Order is applicable for 8 weeks and during this period airline will be subject to enhanced surveillance by the regulator.

Key points to note –

  • Spicejet is currently scheduled with about 600 daily flights. However, the Company says that it’s already operating only 300 of that due to varied reasons. Spicejet’s financial constraints is widely know. Steep oil prices are anyways negating the post Covid revival for the whole sector.
  • This effectively means that DGCA’s order would not have any immediate operational impact on Spicejet.
  • During the 8 weeks period, if Spicejet wants to operate at higher scale, it would need to approach DGCA and demonstrate that it has sufficient technical support and financial resources.


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