Something seems to be wrong with ICICI Lombard

I have a ICICI Lombard Car insurance policy coming up for renewal.

and here is my experience –

  • Tried renewing it on ICICI Lombard’s website and it was just not responding. I tried for straight two days.
  • Tried to do it on Coverfox – ICICI Lomard’s quoted premium was 3x of others
  • I didn’t bother to call customer care as I didn’t want to make any additional effort. It’s a 3 yr claim free car so why should I bother if ICICI Lombard can’t get the basics right.

I went ahead and renewed with Acko.

Really couldn’t understand what was going on with ICICI Lombard.

  • Do they have too much of customers that they really don’t care?
  • Or mine was a one off case?

I hope it was latter but frankly I really don’t care. Car insurance is an easily fungible business especially for a clean customer.

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