TTK Healthcare launches “Love depot”

TTK Healthcare Limited (THL) has launched sexual pleasure ecommerce platform Love Depot.

There are already some start-ups active in this field but given the regulatory uncertainty and social taboos associated with the subject, not much has been done so far.

In terms of potential – I doubt anyone will have concerns.

I guess the key watchables would be –

  • How THL markets the portal. There are various restrictions around the same.
  • Product and the pricing that is being offered. For now, the portal has THL’s own brands (Skore and Mschief) as well as internationally celebrated brands such as plusOne, Love Honey, We-Vibe, Je Joue, Satisfyer. Pricing ranges from Rs 600 – Rs 30,000.
  • If the portal becomes popular and starts catching attention, how regulators and society guardians start reacting.

It surely is an interesting adventure by the Company. If it works out, can be hugely rewarding to it’s stakeholders.

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