inves4 evolves – starts covering specific Companies !

Analysis continues to be as simple and standardized as possible but not lose the core effectiveness…

It’s been a year since I had started Time flies !

The whole objective of starting was two fold –

  • Organize my own thoughts and approach towards investing; and
  • Share the observations with readers in the most simplistic language

I think, on both counts, the effort seems to be in the right direction.

Most common feedback that I receive – the articles are very easy to understand and focus on the core issues

The above feedback brings a wide grin on my face and encourages me to keep writing !

There is one request that I have been consistently receiving from most of my readers… start talking about the specific companies…

  • How is the management ?
  • How are the financials ?
  • What is good, what is bad ?
  • What about the valuations?
  • Whether one should buy ?… and so on…

Initially, I was very averse to this because of varied reasons. But at the same time, I was always aware that there is lot of inefficient and useless information that one comes across while analyzing any Company.

Besides, in any case I was always compiling and analyzing information for my own purpose. So what’s the harm if I share the same with the readers in a standardized and simplistic format !

Present the facts to the readers and let them make their own decision

I saw no harm in doing this and also thought it to be a natural progression for Besides, it would also allow readers to share their own views/ experiences about any particular Company that would be further helpful to everyone… Community effect !

Lock down allowed me to put my energies towards this and over last couple of months I started creating a simple template to put this together. Finally, I believe I am ready. Click to have a look – the 1st Company – Alkem Laboratories. Please note –

  • Template is standardized and information on all future Companies will be presented in the same format for ease of use and reference.
  • The information on any specific Company will be updated periodically based upon my readers requests and my own bandwidth.
  • Any new added Company will be intimated to the ‘Registered Members’ through email.
  • Presented information in no way is a recommendation to buy or sell and the reader is expected to use his own discretion and will be solely responsible for his investing related decision.
  • I have also redesigned inves4 home page to make it more informative. It’s more clean and organized.

I really look forward to your feedback to the above initiatives in terms of – look and feel, simplicity and usefulness. Needless to say, this is just a start and I hope to continuously improvise ! has been a life changing initiative for me and am confident for many of my readers. I wish the journey continues to be mutually enriching !

Links repeated below for ease of reference:

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