This battery idea from 1970s could help EVs take lead in auto industry

There’s no shortage of excitement for electric vehicle battery startups or multibillion dollar investments in the industry, as companies, backers and scientists look for the winning play. China, though, is already moving on to the next leg in the race — one that isn’t dependent on a big, bold breakthrough — with sodium-ion batteries. Done … Read more

Kinetic Engineering ventures into EV kits business

Some key points for easy reference – Kinetic Engineering (KE) founded in 1972 is the same Company that had launched Luna Moped in 1975. It also had partnered (JV) with Honda and launched the famous Kinetic Honda Scooter in 1980s (was subsequently sold to Mahindra in 2008 who later wound it up). A company with … Read more

Motherson Sumi visions to become 4.5x of current size by FY25

Motherson shared it’s Vision 2025 with investors whereby it targets to achieve $36 bn of revenues by FY 25. This is almost 4.5x of Rs 60,000 crore ($8 bn) of revenues reported in FY20 i.e., an implied CAGR of about 35%. Company’s revenue CAGR in previous 10, 5 and 3 yrs was 25%, 12% and … Read more