kolkata: How a Kolkata-born professor secured a landmark victory against US government

Kolkata-born professor Jay Bhattacharya, hailing from Stanford University, has achieved a significant legal victory alongside fellow scientists, marking a milestone in a free speech censorship case against the US government. In his account published on The Free Press (thefp.com) on Monday, Bhattacharya expressed, “The victory is not just for me but for every American who … Read more

More China cities ease curbs in expansion of Covid policy shift

More Chinese provincial capitals relaxed Covid restrictions as authorities expand a policy shift toward reopening the economy after anti-lockdown protests erupted across the country. Kunming, in the southwestern province of Yunnan, will effective Sunday allow people to ride public transport without showing a PCR test, while Nanning in the neighboring Guangxi region scrapped such testing … Read more

Novak Djokovic holds major stake in firm developing Covid drug

Serbian tennis star Novak Djokovic, recently deported from Australia due to his coronavirus vaccine status, is co-founder and majority shareholder of a biotech firm developing a Covid-19 treatment, the Danish company’s CEO said Wednesday. “He is one of the founders of my company we founded in June 2020,” the chief executive of QuantBioRes, Ivan Loncarevic, … Read more

China’s 2021 trade surplus rises to record $676 bn, highest ever for any country

China’s politically volatile global trade surplus surged to $676.4 billion in 2021, likely the highest ever for any country, as exports jumped 29.9% over a year earlier despite semiconductor shortages that disrupted manufacturing. The country’s monthly trade surplus in December swelled 20.8% over a year earlier to a record $94.4 billion, customs data showed Friday. … Read more

Scientists develop molecule that blocks COVID-19 infection

Scientists have developed a new molecule that attaches to the surface of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and prevents it from entering human cells and spreading the COVID-19 infection. The researchers at Aarhus University in Denmark noted that the molecule is cheaper and easier to manufacture than the antibodies currently used to treat COVID-19, and to detect … Read more

Companies caution against hasty reaction to Omicron, seek uniform policy

India Inc on Thursday urged the Centre to follow a uniform policy across the country at all entry points to address concerns about the Omicron variant of coronavirus and cautioned against any knee-jerk reaction that could impact livelihoods. “We caution against any knee-jerk reactions which will only cause panic and disrupt lives and livelihoods without … Read more

China is imposing quarantines of up to 7 weeks for cargo ship crew, and it’s bad news for the supply chain

China is imposing mandatory quarantines of up to seven weeks for returning Chinese seafarers. Crew changes are getting more difficult due to stricter government requirements, says the Global Maritime Forum. Ships are rerouting to work around China’s restrictions, prolonging shipments. China’s strict COVID-19 quarantines are making it difficult for ships to change crews, contributing to … Read more