Warren Buffett’s Worst Mistake? Buying Dexter Shoe With Berkshire Stock

Warren Buffett’s “most gruesome” mistake was buying Dexter Shoe, a Maine shoemaker, in 1993. He paid with Berkshire Hathaway stock worth $433 million at the time, but $12 billion today. “I gave away 1.6% of a wonderful business … to buy a worthless business,” Buffett later admitted. Warren Buffett’s gravest mistake was buying Dexter Shoe … Read more

Warren Buffett’s Prized World Book Became His ‘Most Difficult Problem’

The encyclopedia maker, which Buffett bought in 1986, was disrupted by online learning tools. “It is not the business it was five years ago,” Buffett told investors in 1996. One of Warren Buffett’s favorite businesses became his “most difficult problem” within a decade of him buying it. The billionaire investor and Berkshire Hathaway CEO acquired … Read more