Zomato’s co-founder resigns. High profile exits continue.

Mohit Gupta, the co-founder at Zomato for last 4 and half years has resigned.

Reason for Mohit’s exit – no clarity

Where is he going – no one knows

Is Zomato concerned – atleast not publicly. They didn’t even designate him as a Key Managerial Person (check the company disclosure in the source link).

This is the 3rd high profile exit from the Company.

  • Earlier this week, Zomato’s new initiatives head and former food delivery chief Rahul Ganjoo had resigned.
  • A week back, Siddharth Jhawar, the head of its Intercity Legends service had announced his exit.

Last year in September 2021, another co-founder, Gaurav Gupta had announced a surprise exit soon after the IPO.

The way these exits are happening, should make anyone further more uncomfortable about dynamics at Zomato – irrespective of how much Company tries to make us believe otherwise.

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