Shriram City Union Finance looking interesting

Shriram City Union Finance (SCUF) stock has been a significant under performer since the beginning of 2015. Stock is currently trading at about Rs 2,300 compared with Rs 2,042 in January 2015 and the all time high of Rs 2,396 in October 2016. This is an NBFC that is significantly exposed towards the auto sector … Read more

Exide setting up nicely for an upmove

Exide has been an under performer in the current bull run. Though the stock has increased from the low of Rs 130 in March 20 (Covid led meltdown) to Rs 185 currently, it continues to be significantly low compared to the high of Rs 272 it had reached in August 2018. Under performance since then … Read more

Avanti Feeds looking exciting

Avanti Feeds has been a significant under performer for last 4 years. The stock from a high of about Rs 1400 in November 2017 is currently trading at Rs 570 per share. Main reasons for this underperformance – Correction post euphoria of 2016-2017 wherein the stock had quickly multiplied by 6x within 1 year. Covid … Read more

VST Industries setting up nicely for a significant upmove

VST has been one of the under performers in the current bull run. From the high of around Rs 4,500 in January 2020 stock is currently trading at Rs 3,500. I personally attribute the underperformance to Covid-19 and it’s related fear about Cigarette smoking. The same is also reflected in the reported financial performance by … Read more

Maruti looking to break out and looking strong

Maruti has been a significant under performer for last 4 years now. A part of this has to do with the Indian auto industry during this period and some concerns specific to Maruti (competition specifically). However, it seems much of that is getting settled now. Auto industry post Covid is looking up and competition seems … Read more

JioPhone Next expected launch on September 10, 2021. Will it change the game again?

Jio partnered with Google last year to develop an ultra-affordable Android-based smartphone to address the mass Indian market that couldn’t shift to smartphone ecosystem due to unaffordability. (It’s also important to mention here that Google had simultaneously invested $ 4.5 bn into Jio for a deeper commitment to the overall Indian digital story) The phone … Read more