Chinese Stocks, Investing Strategy for the End of Zero COVID: UBS GWM

After protests, China’s government is ending the zero-COVID regime that lasted two years. That should strengthen its economy — but it’s causing an increase in COVID cases first. Mark Haefele of UBS tells investors how to approach Chinese assets as circumstances evolve. In 2022, experts said that the global economy would get a boost after … Read more

Shriram City Union Finance looking interesting

Shriram City Union Finance (SCUF) stock has been a significant under performer since the beginning of 2015. Stock is currently trading at about Rs 2,300 compared with Rs 2,042 in January 2015 and the all time high of Rs 2,396 in October 2016. This is an NBFC that is significantly exposed towards the auto sector … Read more

VST Industries setting up nicely for a significant upmove

VST has been one of the under performers in the current bull run. From the high of around Rs 4,500 in January 2020 stock is currently trading at Rs 3,500. I personally attribute the underperformance to Covid-19 and it’s related fear about Cigarette smoking. The same is also reflected in the reported financial performance by … Read more